Mario Rossi

Mario Rossi is the collection with the Italian design for people having a true sense of style. The wide selection of forms, materials and colors gives the Mario Rossi collection a big actuality and omnitude.

The collection is designed involving global trends of the fashion industry. Thanks to the plenty of design solutions Mario Rossi frames will suit any Customer.


A collection of medical frames with a contemporary spirit  and sophisticated design. Actual forms, design solutions and original shapes emphasize the unique character of every frame and individual style of its owners. The wide product range for self-assured people people gives the collection an omnitude.

MR 02-398
MR 02-413
MR 02-403
MR 02-422

A collection of sunglasses with forms of the future, vibrant colour schemes and contemporary decorative elements emphasize the bright and dynamic character of the collection.

MS 01-396
MS 04-061
MS 04-056
MS 12-070

Lush, dynamic and progressive line of frames.
Bold color solutions. Design of the future in the Casual style. For fans of bright and brave looks.

MR 22-114
MR 22-118
MR 22-119
MR 22-127

The Italian luxury in each model — this is the exclusive collection of MARIO ROSSI ELEGANZA sunglasses created on the basis of the brightest tendencies with usage of advanced technologies and materials. Indisputable quality, relevant forms, special attention to details.

MS 01-395
MS 01-376
MS 01-406
MS 01-381
Mario Rossi Giovani

The kids eyewear  is essential  for health of your little ones.
Kids love the colorful, fun glasses with pleasant to the touch material. They are will love the Mario Rossi Giovani glasses that comfortable to wear.

Mario Rossi Giovani
MR 14-024
MR 14-023
MR 14-026
MR 14-028