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Enni Marco

Here in Veneto province, the homeland of all glasses, the center of Italian optical industry is located. Surrounded by Dolomites, in a small and silent place of Belluno, designers of one of the leading European studios - EMstidio , have been creating ENNI MARCO collections for over 15 years now.

The collections have won customers` appreciation worldwide, as they fulfill the highest style requirements typical for the very forefront of fashion – the Made in Italy style. The style of ENNI MARCO products is easy to recognize anywhere.


Medical glasses frames perfectly combine strict style, precisely fitting parts, and natural moderate colors with designers’ touches of inspiration. High style classic collection and traditional shapes in glasses frames. Multiple quality certificates Worldwide prove ENNI MARCO optical frames supreme quality.

IV 02-528
IV 02-536
IV 02-544
IV 02-548

Sunglasses collections for every season are all characterized by a wide range of shapes and interesting technical solutions, in addition to comfort and supreme quality of lenses from Sola Inercast, also produced in Italy.

The lenses are of supreme optical quality, low weight, they are shock-resistant, and provide 100% protection from UV radiation. ENNI MARCO addresses their glasses to those who follow latest trends in fashion, providing customers with the best personalized vision care.

IS 11-344
IS 11-349
IS 11-354
IS 11-345
IS 11-384
IS 11-375
IS 11-380

Admirers of refined Italian style have already appreciated the frames and sunglasses of the  new line EMILIA in ENNI MARCO collection. Smooth lines and natural shades of the materials  reflect the harmony of nature for Emilia Romagna region, and highlight the individual beauty of each woman.

The original colors of cellulose acetate Mazzucchelli  are worth noticing , designed especially  for this collection, which give each model a unique style.

IV 63-001
IV 63-005
IV 63-003
IV 63-004
IV 63-006
IV 63-008
IV 63-010

New thin metal temples are perfectly combined with trendy fronts (11-369, 11-370). Gaining popularity in the collection of medical frames, plastic temples reappear in sunglasses models of 2017. The original decorations on the types with inlaid Swarovski crystals emphasize the high status of EMILIA LINE.

IS 11-369
IS 11-393
IS 11-394
IS 11-370
IS 11-392
Black Edition

The Enni Marco Black Edition line is designed for those who do not want to settle and search for excellence everywhere, even in the accessories they wear.

IV 44-008
IV 44-016
IV 44-011
IV 44-019

Exclusive loops that not only look prestigious, but also last longer than traditional. They do not spoil or unwind over time. Medical steel and carbon fiber are used in the temples. The original decorations on the types with an engraved monogram line - EMBE - Enni Marco Black Edition.

IS 11-390
IS 11-391

ENNI MARCO collection now includes SPECTRUM, a new line of glass frames that includes denim. Supreme features of this fabric allow countless experiments to provide consumers with various items made of denim, from shoes to glasses.

The Spectrum line has an insert made of jeans fabric specially processed to gather in one all the newest fashion trends, innovative design and traditional shapes of glasses frames.

The new line has been established for those who wish to emphasize their identity and stand out from a crowd. The line combines both classic and modern style for long-time, current and future admirers of denim and bright colors.

IV 56-003
IV 56-011
IV 56-006
IV 56-010
IS 11-321
IS 11-320

Marine theme, perhaps, never goes out of fashion. Every year, designers around the world bring in their collections, whether it is winter or summer, a piece of the sea. Traditional marine  style includes red and blue colors and stripes which  are embodied in the  NAVY line of sunglasses from ENNI MARCO.

Designers interpreted  marine  theme and the world of yachting the in the elements of design, color and shape of a new capsule Enni Marco sunglasses collection.  The collection includes 10 unique exclusive  models, mainly intended for lovers of luxury and active  lifestyle, forms, materials and textures that are remember of the world of yachts and its elements. Many shades of high-quality lenses with multiple layers of protection ideally combined with frames and temples, and provide maximum comfort and safety even under the bright sun.

Gaetano Figlia di Granara world champion, known yachtsman, Sicilian noble origin has become face of the advertising campaign NAVY from ENNI MARCO.

Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories, playing at the same time two roles: as a  a stylish attribute, and as protection for  your eyes from the bright glare of the sun and water; good sunglasses help to understand the changes of the sea wind. According to Gaetano he was pleased to become the face of a new collection of sunglasses being inspired by NAVY style with a strong spirit, but connected with  traditions.

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IV 02-444
IV 02-445
IV 02-446

Lenses with anti-reflective effect and polarization are useful during vacation near the water (11-361, 11-365).
Light weight is particularly significant while wearing glasses during long sunny days. To achieve it lightweight plastic (11-361, 11-365), temples of surgical steel and unique plastic loops are used (11-387). The logo is engraved on the right lens.

IS 11-386
IS 11-387
IS 11-361
IS 11-365
Sfizio by ENNI MARCO

A capsule collection in cooperation with an Italian clothing brand SFIZIO.

IS 11-309
IS 11-310
IS 11-311
IS 11-312
IS 11-313

Bambini eyewear - bright and stylish frames for kids. Sunglasses come in different shapes, sizes and colors with 100% UV protection to help protect your children's eyes.

MS 05-036
MS 12-065
MS 04-043
MS 05-035