Enni Marco

Here in Veneto province, the homeland of all glasses, the center of Italian optical industry is located. Surrounded by Dolomites, in a small and silent place of Belluno, designers of one of the leading European studios - EMstudio, have been creating ENNI MARCO collections for over 20 years now.

The collections have won customers` appreciation worldwide, as they fulfill the highest style requirements typical for the very forefront of fashion – the Made in Italy style. The style of ENNI MARCO products is easy to recognize anywhere.


Eyewear perfectly combine strict style, precisely fitting parts, and natural moderate colors with designers’ touches of inspiration. High style classic collection and traditional shapes in frames. Multiple quality certificates Worldwide prove ENNI MARCO optical frames supreme quality.

IV 11-679
IV 02-712
IV 11-686
IV 11-677
IV 02-722
IV 11-601
IV 11-674
IS 11-558
IS 11-578
IS 11-591
IS 11-581
IS 11-556
IS 11-576
IS 11-589

Admirers of refined Italian style have already appreciated the frames and sunglasses of the  new line EMILIA in ENNI MARCO collection. Smooth lines and natural shades of the materials  reflect the harmony of nature for Emilia Romagna region, and highlight the individual beauty of each woman.

The original colors of cellulose acetate Mazzucchelli  are worth noticing , designed especially  for this collection, which give each model a unique style.

IV 61-160
IV 61-170
IV 61-175
IV 61-181
IV 65-004
IS 11-603
IS 11-606
IS 11-608
IS 11-609
IS 11-614

Marine theme, perhaps, never goes out of fashion. Every year, designers around the world bring in their collections, whether it is winter or summer, a piece of the sea.

Venice inspiration. 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by over than 400 bridges



IS 11-582
IS 11-583
IS 11-585
IS 11-586